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When will Bitcoin Prices rise?

Will Bitcoin Rise Again?

Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency, breached the $60,000 mark recently building upon the gains of 2021 again. It was celebrated by many members of the community, especially since the Bitcoin market cap surpassed the $1 trillion value again. 

It is understandable that the volatility pace of Bitcoin prices has taken many by a surprise. Over the past two to three weeks the oldest cryptocurrency was rangebound whether under $47,000 or $54,000.

Bitcoin prices continue to hover around $58,000 trying to hit the $60,000 mark again. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is $1.78 trillion. Bitcoin market cap is more than Visa and MasterCard combined.

Thoughts of U.S. investors

According to a new survey, a large majority of accredited investors in the united states have intentions of buying Bitcoin in 2021. On 18th January of 2021, Singapore-based firm CrossAngle surveyed 379 U.S. accredited investors to understand their viewpoint on crypto investing.

According to the reports 87% have heard about Bitcoin.

70% have invested in Bitcoin before.

Only 27.2% of those who had not invested in Bitcoin would consider it.

67% have interest in altcoins.

74% are most likely to invest in Bitcoin next year.

67% know about DeFi.

90% are most likely to invest in DeFi.

What can we expect in 2021?

Bitcoin has come a long way over the last decade. Bitcoin took 10 years to establish itself as a trillion-dollar asset whereas the U.S. government generated $1.9T on short notice. 

This indicates that the cryptocurrency market has come a long way to compete with the rest of the world with miles to go. Recently Dignex anticipated that Bitcoin will rise to $175K by December 2021.

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